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About Us

Delivery Now has LOCAL OFFICES throughout New York and New Jersey, including West Orange, Scotch Plains, and Somerville in NJ and Hauppauge in NY. Having local offices enables us to better manage your delivery and to have dedicated delivery staff in each of our defined service regions.

We offer delivery from our area's finest restaurants to your home, business, or hotel. Whenever you are hungry, you can call us or order online, and place your order from any of our participating restaurants and caterers. We then manage your order through to your guaranteed satisfaction. Ordering from us is easy. We have been working on making food ordering easier since 1992 and ask that you try us and find out just how easy our system is. Ordering online is always preferred, but our friendly representatives are always here if you prefer to order by phone.

Our delivery drivers are employees of deliverynow.com and are managed through our custom dispatch and driver communication system. The software that powers this system has been customized and optimized to enable us to control every stage of each order from order placement, transmittal to restaurants, assignment and dispatch to drivers, and to provide detail delivery information for our delivery team, including order tracking and completion.

Mission Statement

To Deliver, On Time, Exactly What Our Customers Want and Expect and to Do So In The Most Professional Manner Possible.
We do this through the use of:

1. Convenient and efficient ordering processes with knowledgeable and helpful reps delivering personalized service.

2. Web-based technology that simplifies ordering for groups or individuals.

3. Professionalism of our delivery staff, in performance and appearance.

4. Partnership with restaurant organizations who share our commitments.

5. We believe in ethical business practices, fair and equal-opportunity employment, and rewarding loyalty and service with opportunity for personal success.


© Copyright 2015 RDS Control Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.

Terms of Service | Refund Policy

© Copyright 2015 RDS Control Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.

Terms of Service | Refund Policy

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